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Convenience Services
Cash My Check provides a variety of services to help you manage your busy life.  Besides helping you manage your money, we can save you time with the convenience of one-stop shopping.

Cash My Check offers you the ability of cash withdrawals, balance inquiries and account transfers with an ATM on site.  There is a $2.00 charge for all ATM transactions and there is a $500.00 maximum withdrawal per transaction.

Coins for Cash
With all the major banks discontinuing their coin counters this is just another way Cash My Check is making your life more convenient.  Just bring your coins in to our location and our automated, self-service coin counting machine will do all the work for you.  It is as easy as pouring the coins into the machine, printing out a receipt and getting your money right away at the teller window.


Fax and Copy Services
Fax and copy service is available!!! Faxes are $1.00 per page.  Copies are .25 cents per page for black and white.

Postage Stamps
Don’t stand in long lines at the post office to get a stamp, we offer postage stamps for your convenience.

Cash My Check also has Notaries on site and will be happy to Notarize your documents for a small fee.

Money Gram Agent
Cash My Check is proud to be an authorized Money Gram agent allowing you to send and receive money fast anywhere in the world. 

Money Orders
Money Gram Money Orders are available for any amounts up to $1000.00 with a fee of only $1.00 per money order.  They are an International Money Order and must be paid in cash.  They provide a safe, easy and reliable way to make purchases or pay bills.

Bill Payments
Payments can be made right at our window. Payments are quicker, more convenient, and secure. All accounts are credited within 1-3 business days. All customers will be given a confirmation receipt. All payments must be made in cash.